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    Welcome to the Work From Home Business Newsletter . Our membership has changed over time to reflect a better way to keep members informed. This page gives you some background, as well as pointing out that we are a trend seeking newsletter. Times and opportunities change so quickly and we are heading into recession and the biggest demographic change the world has known - the baby boomer effect, which will create NEW opportunties you can take advantage of while the time is right. The best thing is you can do work on your business from home.

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    The Work From Home Business Newsletter focuses on home business ideas, trends and opoportunities as well as promotion and creating your business brand. It has become essential to create new streams of income, as jobs are bound to become less secure with the changing world financial scene and this means we need to be creating new sources of income by becoming more entrepreneurial, rather than hoping for the best.

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    The new course is all about "How to Build A Successful Digital Business Starting From Scratch".

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    Anyone who thinks that leaving their money with someone else and forgetting about the management side, is a way to make money, is wrong and will most probably lose their money, as money managers have been very good at losing other people's money. So it's up to you to get a R.O.I. on your money. Thus learning how to set up a new stream of income is the most important thing you can do right now.

    This can all be quite daunting and where do you start if you want extra income? Start with your present skills and knowledge and work out if you can package your knowledge and skills and sell your product or service to others.

    Don't Know What You've Got to Sell?

    The usual process is to research what people are buying and selling and then sell something that people are already buying. At this point it's a good idea to get a mentor and do a few courses to clarify your business model and get a focus on what you will concentrate on in your business.

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