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Are You Starting a Business Today?

Now why would being an author be a great thing when it comes to starting a business? It all has to do with what is hot right now - communication. Communication and entertainment whether via devices, social media, such as, Facebook, apps or the written word, have made people millionaires and billionaires. Look at how Facebook has grown. How does anyone explain that? Look at the Harry Potter books and how they were followed up by the movies.

“Paid To Think Business Magazine”, is all about you starting a home business and creating a new income stream and the communication of ideas and entertainment, makes it a hot topic and also your biggest opportunity. Now if you happen to be into writing for a living, or you would like to dabble, then you could make it very profitable.

Think of re-purposing content. Your book can become: a video; can become a screenplay; can become a course; and could become an app or a movie. Due to the proliferation of video across various platforms, there will be more demand for video content and a demand for turning good books into movie scripts and film.

So even though the magazine has not been positive about the economy over the coming decade, we see opportunities to and this is one of them.

One of our issues looks at starting your own TV channel. Why? Because where information meets entertainment is a huge opportunity for home businesses, especially if you are stuck, lost your job, worried about your kids getting jobs and don’t have any ideas about what to do for the future.

It’s already happening! To get started only takes a small, first step and then steps every single day, marching towards your vision and we all really need a vision, going forward. You can find out more by subscribing to “Paid To Think Business Magazine” and downloading the magazine from here:

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How Do You Get Paid Over and Over Again?

The answer to getting paid over and over again is to create a monthly subscription business. Now if you were really interested in starting a business, then you seriously should be reading our magazine. The last 2 issues give you all the details and tutorials on starting and most things we suggest, cost very little to start.

We probably haven’t said too much about our partner. You will be surprised to know that our partner has hundreds of millions of customers. Not only that, everyone has heard of them and they do everything to help us provide our magazine to the public. They even deal with the customer at the point of sale and supply the website. They make it all happen. If you haven’t a clue which company I’m referring to, it’s Apple.

Paid To Think Business Magazine is all about showing you successful business ideas and business models. We also tell you how you can take advantage of LIVE business events. We work hard to research and speak to people who can help you make progress.

Lastly, our magazine is the one place where you can add your Joint Venture for free!!! That’s right. If you are looking for a partner in your business idea, then we will help you.

Once you download our magazine you will find many ideas that help you. If you have read our issues then you know we are not predicting a very happy decade. We will bring you news of threats, opportunities and trends. The biggest of these trends is the “baby boomers” reaching retirement age. Things are going to get very interesting. There will be companies that are positioning their business for this cycle. If you know nothing about demographics, we will lead you to important information sources.

We are ready to introduce you to more of what you need to know.

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